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Prepaid phone cards and

the GBS Quadruple Guarantee!

  If you plan on traveling within or outside the US, this post paid card is for you! Monthly billing, and local access numbers from dozens of cities all over the world!
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GBS has made buying prepaid phone cards easy with our Quadruple Guarantee since 1998: 

  1. To provide low cost, high quality prepaid phone cards for domestic and international use.

  2. To teach you how our products can save you money, offer safety, help budget, provide convenience, and more.

  3. To deliver our products to existing customers by return e-mail immediately upon order when paying by credit card*. GBS knows your calls are important, and we want you to make your calls as soon as possible.  (*Barring situations out of our control such as Internet lag that delays our e-mail to you, or an unexpected customer buy down that depletes our inventory.)

  4. To serve you by answering questions and fixing any problems with  our products. We've been serving customers since 1996 (see our history) and we're ready to serve you. 
    Just give us a call at 1-877-784-1212 or contact us via these other ways. We will repair or replace any malfunctioning products that you have purchased from GBS (see our policies).




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