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GBS Phone Card Calculators

GBS Phone Card Comparer™

The Phone Card Calculator, exclusive to GBS, can be used to determine the best prepaid phone cards for your calling habits. It works by calculating the actual per-minute rate after taking into account the length of your calls and the phone card's connect fee. Just complete the following form and click Calculate! (If you want to compare only two cards, just leave the third row blank.) When you're done, click Calculate!

Also, compare GBS phone card rates with others.

GBS Phone Card Comparer™

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GBS Phone Card Analyzer™

The Phone Card Analyzer™ calculates a detailed analysis of the performance that you can expect from the card you chose as a result of using the first calculator.  Just complete the following form and click Calculate!

GBS Phone Card Analyzer™

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Rate per-minute: 
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Other Calculators

GBS offers a search engine here that can calculate phone call costs on a minute-by-minute basis on call to any country! You can even specify whether or not you're calling exclusively to cellular phones which is important because calls to cell phones are typically much more expensive than calls to regular "land-line" phones.

For a fast and very easy detailed rate analysis for all of our long distance carriers - side by side - in your area, click here!



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